Due to extreme cold, Friday's RECYCLING PICKUP IS DELAYED until Monday.

Friday and Monday customers will be picked up Monday 2/6.

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Department of Public Works

Recycling Changes

Proposed Toter Requirements

ImageThe new changes to recycling law - which requires every residence to own and use a covered recycling toter - go into effect May 1, 2023. Check back for more information.

Wind blown and wet debris. Clogged storm drains. Overfilled landfills. Shoulder injuries. This is what we're responding to with an upcoming change to recycling ordinance. By May 1, 2023 - as approved by City Council - we'll be requiring every household to have a recycling toter - offered at a heavily subsidized rate & delivered to you. They are available in the following sizes:

  • 35 gallon toters - $10 (taking up roughly the same floor space as the current blue bins) - in stock
  • 65 gallon toters - $20 - in stock
  • 95 gallon toters - $25 - in stock

When selecting a size, you may want to consider going for the largest that your space can accomodate. If your bin is half full or less, consider not putting it out until the following week. Note that we will no longer be able to pick up recycling left outside of your covered bin.

Why the change?

See the picture above? Our trucks are outfitted with a modern lift mechanism for toters. Yet, due to the thousands of blue bins still in circulation, shoulder injuries are the number one cause of missed work for our recycling team. When one of those dedicated, committed employees is out with an injury - someone on our sidewalk/plow/street maintenance team has to fill in.

Wind blown, wet recycling turns into litter. This is then mostly unusable on the recycling market and instead heads to the landfill. It also makes our streets and neighborhoods unsightly.

The state of the recycling market has changed significantly in the 30 years since Burlington began recycling. It's time we change with it. 

*DPW is using Telelanguage - a real time interpretation service. If you, or any neighbors want to learn more, but prefer to discuss in another language, do not hesitate to call us. 

Next Steps:

  • Order your toter today!

What you can do in the meantime:

  • See below to submit an online application today. If we are out of stock of your selected size, you'll be placed in a queue and your toter will be delivered as soon as we receive them. 
  • Check back here for more information and updates, reach out to us with questions, check Front Porch Forum (if you subscribe) for updates or sign up for important recycling updates here.

Helpful Tips

  • As a reminder, Burlington DPW does not collect recycling on these five days of the year:  Memorial Day, July 4th (or observed), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day (or observed). 

  • Recycling MUST be out by 7AM on your day of recycling. Our routes and collection times can change!

  • Recycling cardboard? Remember, it must be cut up into no larger than 2'x2' sections.
  • Please visit burlingtonvt.gov/dpw/scf if your recycling was out by 7AM and you think you were missed!


For questions on the proposed new toter requirements: 

Please call 802-863-9094 or email dpw-pinecustomerservice@burlingtonvt.gov