Public Engagement

Construction Season Engagement

Public Works is excited to embark on Year 2 of the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan -- to reinvest in our City's assets and infrastructure. Recently, we had the opportunity to share our Public Engagement Plan with the City Council. The Plan will guide our outreach during this busy time and is linked to here. Below is a timeline of our construction season activity to keep you informed of key events and milestones. As always, it's a privilege to be your partner in helping to keep Burlington a great place to live and work.


UPDATES (reverse chronological order) 

6/16/2018: Please see our citywide update on construction here.

5/4/2018: Please see a citywide Front Porch Forum we sent out with updates to our construction season. Click below for more:

4/13/2018: With so many projects about to get underway, we sent out a mid-month citywide update to Front Porch Forum. See more below:

4/11:2018 & 4/12/2018: We got to brief Wards 1/8 NPA and then Wards 2/3 NPA on our upcoming construction season and offered up some background on the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan. Thanks for having us!

4/6/2018: We sent out notice today about a planned upcoming water disruption on a limited stretch of S. Champlain. In addition, we are closing in on construction mobilization and traffic pattern changes. See today's submission to Front Porch Forum.

4/5/2018: We were given some space in the North Avenue News to update their readership on our citywide plans to upgrade infrastructure during the coming construction season. Read more by clicking here.

3/30/2018: We expect construction mobilization to happen on or around April 9 for the Lower Downtown projects and April 23 for the Colchester Ave waterline rehab project. We submitted a construction update to Front Porch Forum. You can read the submission here or by clicking below.  You can also read the letter property owners have received about the Colchester Ave water project here

3/28/2018: Ward's 4/7 NPA let us come to present a brief overview of our infrastructure projects taking place in the New North End and answer other questions about the right-of-way in the neighborhood.

3/27/2018: The Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee of the City Council gave us an opportunity to offer a preview of the upcoming construction season and to discuss our coordinated projects going on in the Lower Downtown.

3/26/2018: Funding was approved by the City Council for our paving list and waterline infrastructure rehabilitation projects. You can see the full list on our Portal and on Water Resources' info page

3/22/2018: The Public Works Commission gave us an opportunity to present our plans for the coordinated Lower Downtown projects and to hear from the public on our proposal to add temporary parking on South Champlain street to mitigate temporary parking impacts during construction. This proposal passed during the meeting.

3/15/2018: Thanks to Ward 5's NPA for the opportunity to talk about a series of projects affecting their neighborhoods and business districts during the construction year.

3/14/2018: We had the opportunity to host residents who live near and along our coordinated Lower Downtown projects at the Bobbin Mill Community Room to talk about the scope of work, tentative schedule, impacts and impact mitigation. Here is a copy of the brief presentation we gave:

3/9/2018: We briefed BBA's Downtown Action Group on the details of our downtown reinvestment projects, and had the opportunity to answer some questions.

3/9/2018: It was a great opportunity to talk with our friends at RunVermont about what we can do to help them put on one of the best shows in town - the Marathon!

Community Resources

  • SeeClickFix: We monitor this site Monday to Friday during business hours. Use this tool to report maintenance issues (like potholes or clogged storm drains) and then track the issue from acknowledgement to closure.
  • Construction Portal: This resource will help you stay on top of the coming construction year, including all projects citywide and all projects in your neighborhood
  • Customer Service: Feel free to email or call 802-863-9094 with any questions you have.