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Department of Public Works

Lower Downtown: Maple/Pine/St. Paul Infrastructure Projects

Please note that the schedule and work being proposed here are subject to weather, approvals and funding. We will do our best to communicate changes to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to use the contact information on this page.


3/14/2018: Click below for the presentation we deliver on these projects at the Bobbin Mill Community Room to talk about the scope of work, tentative schedule, impacts and impact mitigation. Here is a copy of the brief presentation we gave -- much of the info is also below. 


The City of Burlington is undertaking significant work to upgrade and invest in our aging municipal infrastructure along Maple St and Pine St (on this page, we refer to the section of Pine between Main & Maple). We thank you for your patience during these short term, but significant disruptions. These projects will lead to renewed and revitalized infrastructure that will serve you for a long time. Our goal is to keep you informed. 

  • What & When: There are a coordinated series of paving, water main and traffic signal projects along this Maple and Pine corridor, beginning in April. Work will typically take place between 7AM-5PM Monday to Friday.

    • Water Main Upgrades: On Maple (between Battery and St. Paul) & Pine (between Main and Maple)

    • Paving: On Maple between Battery and St. Paul

    • Traffic Intersection Work: At Battery and Maple (Consists of complete new traffic signal, including pedestrian signals; Underground conduit, foundations, ramp and sidewalk work to bring slopes to ADA standards)

    • Great Streets Initiative: September (new start date, estimated) - November: New sidewalks, paving, underground utilities, stormwater upgrades

  • Impacts: There will be traffic and parking impacts along the construction routes. Please see the traffic map below for the plan.

  • Drinking Water Info: Along the Maple and Pine water projects, there will be short-term connections to safe, potable water during construction and some planned disruptions during the work which you will receive additional notice for.

At any time you may check the overall citywide construction season schedule for DPW by going to our Construction Portal.

For any questions about these projects or meetings, please reach out to our Public Information Manager,

DRAFT Schedule 

DRAFT Traffic Map Phase 1 (April - June)

DRAFT Traffic Map Phase 2 (June - November) -- this is archived here, but is not in use

Water Project Information & All Projects Fact Sheet

Brochure (Sent to Property Owners on March 5th and distributed to Businesses and Residents March 7)

Paving Memo (Sent November 2017) & Water Service and Sewer Lateral Work (Sent February 2018)