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City Green - Employee Bikeshare







The City of Burlington maintains a bike share fleet, with 14 bikes located in offices throughout the City. Employees can use Outlook to reserve a bike for getting around the city; whether it's to meeting, to grab lunch or a short break to get fresh air! We have a funded annual maintenance and repairs system

A summary of the program can be found on the Employee Bikeshare Info Sheet.

"Much of my job requires me to be out on the streets. Having a bike to get around the city has been a huge success in accomplishing my tasks. I have been able to have more face to face contact with people that I would other wise drive past or have to find parking and back track to have conversation with them. This past May I walked many miles doing street patrol. It created some issues medically with foot problems. Having a bike not only eliminated that problem, but the exercise I get, has helped me to lose 4 lbs."  Ted Miles - Code Enforcement (This bike (with pretty much just Ted using it at this time) has clocked up 120 miles in the first month! Ed.)
"Today, myself and Kristin took the bikes to subway to grab some lunch!  It was an easy ride and we appreciate that we have this new amenity." Erin Knapp - Burlington International Airport

“I meant to thank you before, but am finally remembering to tell you how awesome it was to be able to borrow a bike to take to a nearby meeting and it was so awesomely and thoughtfully outfitted.  From the removable panier bag to the lock in the side pocket – thanks for making it easy for not-entirely confident bikers like me to do a good thing.” Rain Banbury – Community Justice Center