Human Resources

Employee Wellness


Vision:  The City of Burlington Wellness Team will be leaders in providing innovative, targeted wellness programing to assist City of Burlington employees in achieving and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle across seven dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, financial and environmental.

Mission:  The City of Burlington Wellness Team strives to improve the well-being of all City employees by providing events and educational opportunities that will help employees identify personal health risks, encourage personal responsibility for health and multi-dimensional wellness, and provide motivation and support to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Values:  We value the diversity of program participants and recognize that the path to multi-dimensional wellness is personal and shaped by familial, social and cultural influences.  We strive to provide programs that are relevant, accessible and inclusive across cultures.

Business Imperative:  Wellness programs improve individual health, reduce sick leave and absenteeism, reduce health care costs, reduce secondary workers compensation and liability risk, increase morale and improve recruitment and retention.  Supporting employees to be at work and well enhances the quality of delivery of municipal services.

Programs are designed to correspond with our top six opportunities, Musculoskeletal Health,  Circulatory Health, Breast Cancer Prevention, Diabetes, Obesity and Stress/Mental Health. Current programs include:

  • Know Your Numbers  - Wellness Incentive Campaign
  • Quarterly Wellness Fairs
  • Opportunities for our employees to attend yoga classes, Weight Watchers, onsite chiropractic and physical therapy sessions
  • Onsite gyms         
  • Bike Program      
  • Nutrition classes

You may contact the Wellness Team by email at