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Wellness Bonus

Wellness Bonus:

Beginning July 1, 2017, all regular and limited service Non-Union, AFSCME, and BPOA  employees (even those who do not receive their health benefits through the City and have accepted the buyout) will be eligible for up to $400.00 per year as a Wellness Bonus.  Wellness Bonuses are available if an employee provides proof of participation in the following wellness activities in the amounts stated:

i) Annual physical examination with primary care physician or physician’s assistant--$100.

ii) Annual or semi-annual dental examination (cleaning) with dentist or dental assistant--$100.

iii) Completion of annual online health risk assessment by the stated deadline--$100.00.  Deadline will be identified each year no less than three months after start of fiscal year. For  FY18, the deadline is October 31, 2017.

iv) Participation in a list of approved wellness activities designated by Human Resources--$50.00 each for up to total of $100.00.  Currently approved wellness activities include:

  • proof of health club or gym membership
  • proof of enrollment in a weight management program (includes Weight Watchers® and Nutrisystem®)
  • proof of completion of a smoking cessation program
  • proof of completion of any of the preventative care screenings included in the City’s health plan, such as mammogram, annual gynecological exam, colonoscopy, prostate exam, dermatology yearly screening, hypertension screening, or bioscreening
  • proof of participation in any of the offerings included in the City’s EAP program
  • proof of enrollment/registration in a group sport activity
  • proof of participation in step tracking technology (includes FitBit®)
  • proof of registration in a marathon greater than a 5K to include triathlons and obstacle course racing
  • proof of completion of an annual eye exam
  • proof of attendance in a Nutrition class
  • proof and documentation of a ski pass purchase
  • proof of attendance at a CPR, First Aid or AED class (for those positions where this is NOT a requirement)
  • Certain alternative medicine practices may qualify.  Contact your HR Manager to discuss.

For verification of item i), completion of the Annual Physical Examination, please click here for the Proof of Annual Physical Exam form and forward by fax to: Lisa Sundstrom, Group Insurance Service Center, P O Box 9120, Marshfield, MA 02050, Fax # 781-829-8770.

For verification of item ii), completion of the Annual or Semi-annual Dental Examination, please click here for the Proof of Dental Examination and forward by fax to: Lisa Sundstrom, Group Insurance Service Center, P O Box 9120, Marshfield, MA 02050, Fax # 781-829-8770.

For verification of item iii), completion of a Health Risk Assessment, please complete the assessment (instructions for completing the assessment can be found here) at, an electronic report is pulled on a monthly basis by Lisa Sundstrom, Group Insurance Service Center, to indicate who has completed the assessment. Names of employees that completed the on-line assessment are then forwarded to HR. 

For items i), ii), and iii), your Human Resources Manager will get a monthly report from Lisa Sundstrom at GISC (this report will not have any personal medical information on it), upon receipt of that report, individuals who have completed each one of the items i), ii), and iii), the Human Resources Manager will provide payroll with the information and you will be paid $100 per item in the next bi-weekly payroll.

For verification of item iv), this will be at the discretion of your Human Resources Manager, please be prepared to provide some proof of participation in a Wellness Based Activity.  Upon receipt of this proof, the Human Resources Manager will advise payroll and you will be paid $50 dollars for each one of these.  Again, at the next bi-weekly payroll.

An employee may petition the Human Resources Director to add a particular wellness activity to the list of approved activities at any time.  The HR Director will respond to the request within ninety days.  Eligibility for that activity will become effective at the first of the month following approval. The decision of the HR Director as to whether an activity is added to the list is final.              

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Human Resources Manager.