Human Resources

Wellness Bonus Information

Preventative care is pivotal for your long term health.  In the City of Burlington, we support our staff by offering up to $400 dollars per year just for taking care of our health in partnership with Cigna.

All regular and limited service Non-Union, AFSCME, and BPOA employees (even those who do not receive their health benefits through the City and have accepted the buyout) will be eligible for up to $400.00 per year as a Wellness Bonus. 

Learn more about Cigna's MotivateMe and our Wellness Bonus offerings and begin by logging into > Incentive Awards Program.

Watch this helpful video tutorial on how to submit your wellness bonuses online.

  • Annual physical examination with primary care physician or physician’s assistant up to $100

  • Annual or semi-annual dental examination (cleaning) with dentist or dental assistant up to $100

  • Completion of annual online health risk assessment by the last day of October up to $100.00 

  • Participation in one of the approved wellness activities designated by Human Resources- up $50.00 each, for a total up to $100.00
    Please keep proof of your participation as you may be requested to provide this information to the Human Resources Department.

    • participating in the Employee Working Bridges Program 

    • attending a financial seminar 

    • health club or gym membership

    • enrollment in a weight management program (includes Weight Watchers® and Nutrisystem®)

    • completion of a smoking cessation program

    • completion of any of the preventative care screenings included in the City’s health plan, such as mammogram, annual gynecological exam, colonoscopy, prostate exam, dermatology yearly screening, hypertension screening, or bioscreening

    • Cardiology preventative care screenings

    • participation in any of the offerings included in the City’s EAP program

    • enrollment/registration in a group sport activity

    • participation in step tracking technology (includes FitBit®)

    • registration in a marathon of a 5K  or greater to include triathlons and obstacle course racing

    • completion of an annual eye exam

    • attendance in a Nutrition class

    • contribution towards a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) membership

    • documentation of a ski pass purchase

    • documentation of a golf membership purchase

    • documentation of a yoga studio membership (city employees get a free membership to Sangha Studios-ask HR how to sign-up)

    • documentation of an annual flu shot

    • attendance at a CPR, First Aid or AED class (for those positions where this is NOT a requirement)

    • participation in acupuncture

    • attending a wellness conference

    • Life Line screening

    • Master Scuba Diver course

    • certain alternative medicine practices may qualify

If you have any questions about the the City's Wellness Bonuses, please reach out to your Human Resources Manager.