Indoor Bike Parking

"The indoor bike parking helps me keep my bike out of the rain and snow and helps me feel more comfortable that my bike is not out on Church St all day.  Thanks City of Burlington!" Nic Anderson - P&Z

The city provides indoor bike parking within City Hall for all city employees who choose to commute by bicycle, for safe, dry parking of your valuable vehicle.

A 'short term' cycle parking area is available in the ground floor lobby for up to 8 bicycles.  This facility can be used by employees for commuting and attending meetings, City Councilors and other board members who attend meetings, and any public visiting City Hall.  This facility was installed in 2014 using Wellness funding.

There is also a secure rack within the Planning and Zoning Office and is open for use between 8:00am and 4:30pm.  A pump and tools (allen wrenches, tyre levers, tube patches, chain lube, and wrench) are available for use anytime also, for any running repairs or flat tyres.  This facility was installed in 2012 with the help of Wellness funds and is a valuable asset to City Hall.


Facilities like this are possible in any office setting. This can be used as a case study for future facilities; click here for more information.