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Department of Public Works

Fines and Towing


The safety of our community is our number one concern.  Parking Services Agents patrol the city daily to ensure vehicle are parked properly and safely.  The following fines are set out in City ordinance to support the Agents mission to maintain safety.


Meter Violations


Handicapped Violations


All other Tickets (i.e. Resident Parking, Parking Ban, Street Closed, etc.)



Late Fees

Tickets that are not paid within 30 days of issuance are subject to the following late fees:

Between 30 and 90 days:            $13

Greater than 90 days:                  $37



All parking tickets in Burlington except expired meters are subject to towing and/or impoundment.  However, it is an expressed goal of Parking Services to minimize and avoid impoundment.  If you believe your vehicle was towed, please contact Parking Services for information on retrieval.

The following fees are associated with towing and in addition to the fines outlined above:

Vehicle hooked up, but released prior to tow:              $35

Street to street tow, typical during a parking ban:         $45

Tow to impoundment:                                                 $62.50


Impoundment Storage

Vehicles towed to impoundment will be charged $10 upon arrival for the first day of impoundment and $20.00 per day after. This fee is charged by and payable to the impound lot.



All fees, fines and charges are detail in City Ordinance Chapter 20-66