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Department of Public Works

Great Streets BTV - Downtown Street Design & Construction Standards


A Great Street is built to endure many decades and reflect Burlington’s values—
values which have been articulated in community plans such as planBTV Downtown
& Waterfront, Burlington Transportation Plan, planBTV Walk/Bike and many others.


According to these plans, a Great Street is truly transformative, and is:
• WALKABLE AND BIKEABLE, safe for all modes and levels of accessibility
• SUSTAINABLE, both environmentally and in long-term durability
• VIBRANT, to support downtown’s diverse range of public and private facilities
• FUNCTIONAL, serving all users, flexible, maintainable and affordable


The Great Street BTV - Downtown Design & Construction Standards were adopted by the City of Burlington on April 16, 2018.

Great Street Standards

GS Standards - Appendicies



Chapter 0 - Cover/TOC

Chapter 1 - Great Street Definition and How to use the guide

Chapter 2  - Streets Boundaries and Corridors

Chapter 3 - Building Great Streets

Chapter 4 - Bikeways

Chapter 5 - Street Ecology (Trees & Stormwater)

Chapter 6 - Lighting

Chapter 7 - Materials & Furnishing Palette

Appendix 1 - Roadway Zone Standards

Appendix 2 - Material Standards

Appendix 3 - Furnishing Standards

Appendix 4 - Wayfinding & Signage Standards


Additional information about the Great Street process and other projects can be found on the website.