Code Enforcement

Plumbing / Mechanical (HVAC)

The City of Burlington adopts the State of Vermont Plumbing Rules.  Therefore, our adoption of the Plumbing Rules and Codes are no different and the same as the State of Vermont without exception.  Burlingtons City Charter oversees all structures to include owner occupied single family homes and State of Vermont Master Licensed Plumbers must secure permits where and when required before working in the City of Burlington.


Plumbing Inspections

  • Applicants must contact the Plumbing Inspector to schedule inspections of their work and obtain final inspections.
  • Underground Inspections must take place before covering with clean earth or other apporved permanent materials
  • Rough inspection must take place before any walls are closed in.
  • Final inspection confirms completion and opeations of the Plumbing System.   

You are able to perform plumbing work in own single family home where you live

Plumbing licenses are required to perform plumbing work in Burlington on all public buildings that includes rental single family homes.  However, in your single-family home where you live, (owner occupied) you may perform your own plumbing work that includes; securing your plumbing permit, following the inspection process with performance resulting in full compliance with the adopted State & local plumbing codes and ordinances.

Sump pump's and the discharge locations!

Placing a sump pump into an area where an approved outlet is within reach to plug it in no plumbing permits are required.  If there are no approved electrical outlets within reach of the cord provided by the manufacture then one needs to be installed with permits and approved devices for wet locations. Sump pumps need to discharge to the exterior and remain on your own property.  They shall not connect to the public sewer, nor discharge on neighboring property or discharge in the City Right of Way.   

Bathrooms fans are required

Respective to the Plumbing Ordinances a fans must be installed in every bathroom where windows to the exterior of a minimum 3 sq ft do not exist.  

Mechanical (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Inspections

  • Mechanical inspections are required for all permits issued for HVAC.
  • A rough inspection must take place before any walls are closed in.
  • Final plumbing inspections are required to close out permits prior to occupancy approved by the Building Official.