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Electrical Information

This web page provides information about the Electrical Inspection program in the City of Burlington. It is our hope that this will help electricians, contractors and building owners navigate the electrical permitting and inspection process. We welcome your comments, questions and input.

The inspectors have set aside office hours from 8am - 10am M-F specifically to return phone calls regarding technical code related issues, issue permits for projects and schedule appointments for inspections and plans review. We do try and limit the time to 10 minutes per customer to help make it possible to serve as many customers as possible within the two hours before leaving and conducting inspections that have been permitted.  Please have your questions and plans available and if more time is needed for your project time will be scheduled outside these hours to accommodate your needs.

Our office is located at the Burlington Public Works building at 645 Pine Street.

Electrical Permits

  • Permits are required for all new electrical work and any alterations to existing electrical work in all buildings in the City, including single family, owner-occupied homes.
  • Completed permit application forms can be sent by mail, email or dropped off at 645 Pine Street between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM on weekdays.

Evaluating Water Damaged Electrical Equipment

The City of Burlington is experiencing historic water levels and the resultant flooding. If you are in your home, it is of utmost importance that all affected wiring and equipment is de-energized until the flood waters can recede.

In order to avoid deadly electrical shocks, you must have a licensed electrician evaluate the electrical system before re-energizing circuits. Wiring and electrical equipment that has sustained water damage must be replaced.


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published guidelines for evaluating water damaged electrical equipment. Click Here to read the NEMA Guidelines.

Electrical Inspections  

  • Electrical inspections are required for all wiring.
  • A rough inspection must take place before any walls are closed in.
  • Service inspections are required to obtain a new meter for energizing a new service.
  • Final electrical inspections are required to close out permits prior to occupancy.

Information for Contractors 

The City of Burlington adopts the Vermont Electrical Safety rules, therefore our adoption of the National Electrical Code is no different than the State of Vermont. The adoption happens automatically when the State adopts a new code. However the main difference that we have in the City is that we require permits, inspections and licensing for work in all buildings, including single-family, owner occupied homes, therefore all of the rules that the State has for complex structures (public buildings) we apply to all buildings. Click here for specific information regarding permits and inspections.

State of Vermont Electrical Safety Rules

Information for Home Owners

Chapter 12 of the Burlington Code of Ordinances allows owner-occupants of single family homes to do their own wiring if they choose. Click here for guidelines for homeowners.

If you plan on hiring a contractor to do the wiring, the ordinance requires that the work be done by a licensed electrician or under the direct, on site supervision of a licensed electrician. The State of Vermont requires that licensed electricians carry their licenses at all times and must produce them if requested. Click here for a list of licensed electricians.

Program Contact
Tim Hennessey, Electrical Inspector
Phone: 802-865-7561
Fax: 802-863-0466



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