Code Enforcement

Public Notice of Permit Applications

The Z-Card

The red Z-Card is the means by which ALL zoning permit applications are noticed for neighbors and the public. The Z-Card must be posted by the applicant in plain public view from a City street and/or sidewalk. The Z-Card shows the property address, applicant name, a brief description of the project proposal, and contact information for the Department. The Z-Card is required to be posted soon after the application has been submitted, and is not taken down until the permit becomes valid, or the application is denied. Premature removal of the Z-Card by persons other than the property owner does not constitute a breach of the public notice requirement. The Z-Card does not constitute an approval or project "go-ahead".


Web Reports

The Department makes available on this web site reports generated in real time from its permit processing database. These Zoning Activity Status Reports list all applications being processed by the Department, a description, and their status in the review process. "What's New" lists applications received in the last ten days. The reports are available in both table and map format, making it easy to track applications in your neighborhood.  Please note that the permit system, new as of May 3, 2021, has not yet been integrated with these reports.  We are working on it.  


Administrative Review

As described in the Permitting Process, applications are reviewed and decided upon either administratively (by Zoning staff), or by the Development Review Board. Zoning staff review and either approve or deny approximately 90% of all applications. For these administratively reviewed applications, approximately 98% are approved.

For administratively reviewed applications, the Z-Card and Web Reports are the only means of public notice.


Development Review Board Review

The Development Review Board (DRB) decides upon approximately 10% of all application received. The DRB approves approximately 85% of the applications it hears. Public notice required by State statute more rigorous than for administrative review. In addition to the Z-Card and Web Reports, the three means of notice for DRB meetings are:

  1. Newspaper ad in a newspaper in general circulation in Burlington,
  2. Direct mailing to abutting property owners, and
  3. Posting in two (2) public places: The Clerk-Treasurer's and the Permittting & Inspectionsoffices.

The notice consists of the DRB meeting agenda (date, time, and place) which lists addresses and descriptions of proposed projects the DRB will consider.

Certain types of proposals require a minimum of fifteen (15) days notice in advance of the DRB meeting. These include conditional uses, major impact review, variances, and appeals. Each of the three above means of notice are employed.

A minimum of seven (7) days advance notice is required for all other proposals going before the DRB. Direct mailing to abutting property owners and posting in two public places are the means of public notice.

While not a statutory requirement, one week prior to each DRB meeting, the meeting agenda, as well as staff reports and plans, are posted on the DRB Meeting Agendas section of this web site.