Code Enforcement

Meeting Participation Guidelines

The Department of Permitting & Inspections offers these guidelines for public participation at zoning Board meetings to insure that everyone has a chance to be heard, and meetings function as smoothly as possible.

  1. If you expect you may speak at the meeting, make sure you place more name and mailing address on the meeting's Interested Person List. Please write legibly. It is your responsibility to record your name and address on the Interested Person List. See Appeal Rights for more info.
  2. Please raise your hand to be recognized to speak. The Board Chair will make every effort to recognize the public in the order in which hands are raised.
  3. Once recognized by the Chair, please identify yourself clearly.
  4. If the Board has suggested time limits, please respect them. Time limits will be used when they can aid in making sure everyone is heard and sufficient time is available for the Board to conduct its business.
  5. In order for Board Members and other members of the audience to hear speakers’ remarks, side conversations between audience members should be kept to an absolute minimum. The hallway outside the meeting room is available for those who wish to discuss more fully.
  6. Please address your comments to the Chair. Please do not address other audience members or staff or presenters, and please do not interrupt others when they are speaking.
  7. Make every effort not to repeat the points made by others. If you want to voice agreement, please do, but do not repeat points or comments previously made.
  8. The Chair will make reasonable efforts to allow everyone who is interested in participating to speak once on an agenda item. Priority will be given to those have have not spoken over those that already have.
  9. Zoning Boards desire to be as open as possible within the requirements of Comprehensive Development Ordinance and their respective Board Bylaws. But zoning meetings are not Town Meetings or City Council meetings. Your comments should pertain only to specific agenda items.

Thank You!