Code Enforcement

Postcard DRB Notices

Did you recieve a postcard in the mail?

You are receiving this notice because a development project is being planned, or an appeal is being filed, and your property abuts the affected property. State Statute requires notification to abutters.

What can you do or should you know before the hearing:


Please note: this may not be the final order in which items will be heard during the meeting

If you received this notice as president of an association, you need to notify all your association members of the meeting/hearing date and project. If you are not the association president you need to notify the association president, who in turn will need to notify all members of the association of the meeting/hearing date and project;

Pursuant to 24 VSA Section 4464(a)(1)(C) Participation during the public hearing before the Development Review Board is a prerequisite to the right to take any subsequent appeal. Participation may also be accomplished by submitting a statement letter to the office of Planning and Zoning before the hearing;


Any participating members of the public who wish to receive a copy of the written decision must sign in and provide a mailing address. If you are legibly signed, in Planning and Zoning Staff will mail you a copy of the written decision;

Please note that ANYTHING submitted to the Permitting & Inspections' office is considered public and cannot be kept confidential.