Code Enforcement

Development Review Board

The Development Review Board is a quasi-judicial body comprised of seven Burlington residents and two alternates appointed by the City Council and created under Vermont Statute 24 VSA Chapter 117 § 4460, which outlines their scope of authority and administrative responsibilities. The Burlington City Council established the Development Review Board on June 26, 2000.

This board of citizen volunteers has the sole responsibility of reviewing and taking action on proposals for land development within the City under the City's Comprehensive Development Ordinance. This includes: the issuance of Subdivision Permits, Zoning Permits, Zoning Variances, and Certificates of Appropriateness, and hearing appeals of decisions of the City's Zoning Administrator. Appeals of decisions made by the Development Review Board are heard by the Vermont Superior Court Environmental Division (VSCED), and the Vermont Supreme Court.

All meetings are filmed by Channel 17 - Town Meeting Television and are available to be viewed here.