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Covid 19

Shared Streets for Social Distancing

Safe Ways to Get Outside & Recreate

We are announcing a "Shared Streets for Social Distancing" initiative to help our community find safe, healthy ways to get outside, recreate and access essential services.

This initiative has three parts: 1) designating some streets for local traffic only, 2) designating other streets as “shared streets,” and 3) temporary parking restrictions on Pine St to widen key walking and biking corridors. This is done in partnership with community volunteers who will be maintaining the cone barriers.

Update (6/25/2020): We have added a fourth part to this initiative to encourage options, safety and road predictability-- temporary cone protected bike lanes on North Ave. The map is updated below! This is done in partnership with community volunteers who will be maintaining the cone barriers.

This initiative is for everyone: residents who need to go to a grocery store or pharmacy but who may not have a car, first responders/essential workers looking for safe ways to recreate close to home, families caring for children while working from home.

We'll be installing signage on certain streets to designate them as "Shared Streets" or "Local Traffic Only.” There are no changes to traffic patterns on the "Shared Streets," and emergency services will continue to have full access to the street network

“Shared Streets” mean that drivers should drive slowly and be extra cautious, and “Local Traffic Only” means that you should not use that street for driving unless you are traveling to that street. “Shared Streets” were selected based on a combination of factors that could include sidewalk on only one side, constrained greenbelts, traffic volumes and traffic patterns, and neighborhood density and activity. We were not able to make every street a “Shared Street,” but drivers should use caution at all times on every street. This initiative is one small, important measure to encourage safe, healthy recreation and ways to access essential services.

Thank you, stay healthy and we hope you have a chance to get outside! See the maps of our network below.

Downtown, ONE, South End

Shared Streets - New North End



Nicole Losch, Senior Transportation Planner

dpwplanning@burlingtonvt.gov, 802-863-9094