Documents Reviewed by the Committee

Final Summary Paper - October 21

Draft Summary Paper - September 30

Summary Paper Appendix

Retirement System Proposals for the Committee

Retirement System Proposal - Chart

80 Percent Funding Threshold

Plan Design Worksheet

The Case for Adjustable Defined Benefits

August 5 Committee Thoughts for Keith Brainard

Attracting and Retaining New Employees

Champlain College Model

New Brunswick Model (II)

Plans With Large Declines in Funding Level

Comparative Discussion Outline

How Municipalities Have Addressed Reforms

Comparison of Plans Today

Comparison of Plans Yesterday

Comparison of Benefits Based on Multiplier

New Brunswick Model

Complexity Materials from Keith Brainard

BERS - Authorities in the City Charter

UAL, Taxpayer Contribution, and COLA Materials from Keith Brainard

BERS "Bubble Chart"

Investment Allocation Proposal - Vanguard

Information from Buck Consultants on Potential Changes to Actuarial Assumptions

Committee Question and Answer Email with Buck Consultants (City Actuary)

Dahab Presentation for Burlington Retirement Committee

VPIC Presentation for Burlington Retirement Committee

2013 GFOA Guidance

2009 GFOA Guidance

Buck Consultants Presentation on FY13 Valuation Report 

Moody's Credit Rating Upgrade

Burlington Town Center Concept Plan Renderings

Burlington Telecom - Moody's Document

Capital Improvement Project List

Mayor's Early Learning Advisory Board

Burlington Beginnings - A White Paper on a Comprehensive Coordinated Sustainable Early Learning Initiative

Eagles Landing Visuals

Eagles Settlement Agreement

Early Learning August 22 Notes

Early Learning August 22 Draft Conceptual Slides

Neighborhood Project MOU

Accountability Report

BERS 2013 Valuation Report

Mutual Consent Agreement