Retirement Administration

Retirement Administration

The Retirement Board Members serve as trustees of the funds of the Retirement System. They set investment goals and guidelines and review the performance of the money managers. They also set policy and oversee the general administration of the System.

The day to day administration is handled by the Retirement Administrator, whose office is located at 149 Church St., City Hall, Burlington, VT 05401.  Our office is located in the Clerk Treasurer's Department on the 2nd Floor of City Hall.

The Retirement Office maintains records on each member, vested member, and retiree. From these records, data is sent to the actuary for the annual system valuation. The valuation produces the amount of City contribution to the Retirement System for the following year. Also from these records, annual statements are sent to each active member of the system.

The Retirement Administrator is available to answer questions and provide benefit estimates.

Records are also maintained on the system's investments and managers' performance. There are monthly statements showing the assets. The Board meets with the investment consultants four times a year.