Operation Clean Sweep comes to Burlington, April 24 - May 3, 2019. "When the lights are on, the cars are gone." See here for more info: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/DPW/Clean-Sweep

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UPDATE: We are still reviewing the feedback we've received at our citywide public forum and at the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee meeting the following week and evaluating the proposal. You can see the video of the public forum below. We have made requests to the NPA's for their April meeting to come discuss items, including the proposal for e-bikes/e-scooters. Thank you for your interest. Additional questions and comments can be submitted to the email address below.

As part of our ongoing effort to expand transportation options in Burlington, we are beginning steps to build a proposal for a 2019 electric bicycle share and electric scooter share.

Building off last year’s Greenride bike share program in our community, Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski are considering a much expanded venture this year with an all-electric fleet of shared bicycles and scooters. With environmental and public health benefits and less impact on roads, communities across the country are adopting this new approach to getting you to home, work, school and play. Let’s talk about how this works, the rules of the road and what we need to do to have this new mobility service work for our community. This is a collaborative effort between our three communities, CATMA, UVM, Champlain College, and the CCRPC. 


View the presentation from the February 12th public forum. 



Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding electric transportation share. 


Rules of the Road

We Share the City. Let's Share the Road. See our poster from the 2/12 public forum about rules of the road & common etiquette. 


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Contact: DPWPlanning@burlingtonvt.gov or call 802-863-9094