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Department of Public Works

Tactical Urbanism and Demonstration Projects




Tactical Urbanism and Demonstration Projects

In 2015, the Department of Public Works gathered the Burlington Fire Department, Police Department, Local Motion, and residents and advocates from the community to develop a policy and guide for short-term, community-led projects on our streets. With experience gained from local demonstrations projects, case studies from across the country, and direction from international experts on tactical urbanism, the Community-Led Demonstration Project Policy and Guide has been developed. 

This guide will be a working document, revised as we learn from the process and partnerships that are being created. It's an exciting direction for Burlington -- these short-term projects can influence long-term change by  providing an opportunity to test projects, collect data that could expedite projects, widen public engagement and deepen our understanding of community needs at the smallest scale, and strengthen relationships by encouraging people to work together in new ways. This has the potential to build community excitement while drawing attention to perceived shortcomings of policy and street design.  

The Policy and Guide was endorsed by the Public Works Commission at their May 2016 meeting and the permit and ordinance language that allows community members to apply for projects was passed at their June 2017 meeting.

Ready to Apply?

The application process consists of two phases:

Phase 1 Application

Phase 2 Application

Need help with materials and designs for your project? Visit the new Tactical Urbanism Guide!