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Department of Public Works

Street Seats and Parklets

The Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO) are now accepting applications for 2022 for Street Seats and Parklets in Burlington! 

Here you can learn more about Street Seats and Parklets and our Program Guide, including requirements, applications, and information on obtaining necessary permits.


What are Street Seats and Parklets?

Street Seats and Parklets are semi-public or completely public spaces created from a platform at sidewalk level that extends the pedestrian zone into the parking lane. They cover one or two parking spaces and include an open, accessible place for people to sit, rest, gather, eat, and socialize.

Street Seats are reserved for use by patrons of a particular establishment or group of businesses during their operating hours and are open to the public during all other hours. Parklets are open to the public at all hours. 

Why have these in Burlington?

Street Seats and Parklets can offer many benefits:

  • Supports community engagement and enjoyment of public space
  • Encourages walkability and cycling by drawing people to the street while fostering a safe, open environment
  • Benefits local businesses and the streetscape through improved aesthetics, seating and street activity
  • Can increase business and sales of nearby stores

Street Seat & Parklet Program Guide & Application

Interested in applying for a Street Seat or Parklet? Start here!

Street Seat & Parklet Program Guide

Learn all about the program, application process, timeline and required permits

2019 Street Seats Pilot

View the Street Seats Pilot Recap from October 2019.

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