Department of Public Works

Shelburne Street Roundabout

The Shelburne Street rotary is being redesigned to address the traffic and pedestrian safety issues identified at this intersection. The project is being designed for safety, capacity and compliance with the Agency of Transportation's Highway Safety Program. Funds for the project are provided through the State's Highway Safety Program and are programmed in the RPC's TIP. They provide 100% of project costs that demonstrate a cost benefit based on State-developed criteria. Safety project development process is streamlined. It attempts to make use of existing right of way (ROW), and certain elements normally found in highway projects such as landscaping and amenities -- unless an integral part of the project -- are not funded.


June 2019  - The City is working through the Right-of-Way phase.

May 2019 - Project Update Meeting

September 2016 - The state continues to work on its relocation plan for utilities, which is set to conclude in December of 2016. There is also work on the traffic control plan both during construction of the utility relocation as well as during the construciton of the roundabout. With the completion of the utility relocation design the project is set to start into the Right-of-Way phase where the City/State will be seeking agreements with adjacent property owners both to construct the project as well for the completed project. The anticipated start of construction for the utility work is 2019, with the roadway work anticipated for 2020.

June 2016 - Project Update Meeting by VTrans - 6/29/16 7pm at the Department of Public Works 645 Pine Street

Roundabout Concept Plan - as displayed at the meeting

Roundabout Utility underground Plan - as displayed at the meeting

UPDATE 10/30/15 - In response to the outreach from the residents and businesses, VTrans and the City have move the planned night work to occur during the day for all work on the side streets in the vicinity of the Rotary. We will also be evaluating a trial of the daytime work for utility location work on Shelburne St/St. Paul/S. Willard. If the traffic impact is acceptable/manageable the work will continue during the day.
October 2015 - VTrans has contracted with CHA and CARDNO to located the subsurface utilities in the project vicinity. This includes using ground penetrating radar to locate all utilities, and excavating in all locations where utilities cross to determine the exact crossing location and depth. Please see the NOTICE OF WORK for the notice provided to residents in the vicinity of the work and additional details.

Utility Location Work will begin October 19th locating underground utilities in the area of Shelburne St. This work is being done to aid in the planning and constructing of improvements to the Shelburne St. Roundabout. Work will occur between the hours of 7pm and 6am, Monday evening through Saturday morning.  During the work, two separate activities will occur.

Activity one will start on October 19th and continue until around October 27th.  This first activity will consist of determining underground utilities and estimating their depths using ground penetration radar.  This activity is expected to be relatively quiet.

Activity two is scheduled to start around October 28th and continue until November 20th.  This activity will consist of excavating approximately 100 holes with a vacuum excavator in order to accurate locate utility depths and conflict points.  This activity is expected to produce a moderate amount of construction noise.  These excavations will occur along sections of Gove Ct, along Shelburne St from Marion St to Adams Ct, along S Willard St to the intersection of Chittenden Dr, 350 ft along Locust St, and several feet up Ledge Rd.  The sequence in which the vacuum excavation occurs will be decided by the subcontractor as work progresses.

The project is being performed by Clough Harbour Associates LLP (CHA) who will provide project oversight and engineering. The subcontractor who will perform the subsurface utility engineering is Cardno.

The emergency contact for this project is Tyler Billingsley (802)989-6686.

Traffic control will be provided by CHA who has plans to use Green Mountain Flaggers and the Burlington Police Department as needed.  Other local traffic control will consist of cones, signage and lane reductions.  Expect alterations to the traffic patterns on Ledge Rd, Locust St, S Willard St, St Paul St, Gove Ct, and Shelburne St.  In addition Shelburne St. will be reduced to two lanes as needed to complete the work safely.

In 2008, the final public meeting was held to consider the alternatives for the intersection redesign. Following the public hearing, the Public Works Commission recommended design and construction of a single lane roundabout, and the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee (TEUC) of the City Council then selected a single lane roundabout in the footprint of a two-lane roundabout, to accommodate the potential for future expansion. Design is currently underway, managed by the Vermont Agency of Transportation Highway Safety Program as project number HES 5000(18).



In March of 2002, Public Works staff began work with consultants and developed design alternatives and estimated project costs for improvements to the intersection of Shelburne Street, Saint Paul Street, Locust Street, South Willard Street and Ledge Road - the Shelburne Street Traffic Circle. Two alternatives were identified and described: a roundabout accommodating four or five of the streets and a signalized intersection accommodating four or five of the streets. The City pursued inclusion of the project in the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) work plan to secure funds and position the project in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) either as a highway project or with funds provided by the State of Vermont Enhancement program.

In early spring of 2007 the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) notified the City that this intersection had risen in prominence on the list of the State's high accident locations and that there were funds available to take corrective action. Since identification of the intersection as a high crash location, the 2002 Study needed to be reviewed and updated. City staff, VTrans staff and RPC staff met to identify actions required to update that work and hired Resource Systems Group (RSG) to complete the study and facilitate identification of a preferred alternative. The RSG process included:

  • Review past studies and intersection analyses
  • Prepare 2009 and 2019 Design year traffic volumes
  • Evaluate intersection traffic scenarios including signalized and roundabout design options
  • Prepare Interim Study Memo
  • Prepare detailed conceptual design drawings over orthophotos for the options that adequately improve traffic flow and safety through the study area
  • Present refined traffic analyses and conceptual designs to the Steering Committee
  • Finalize conceptual designs and prepare order of magnitude cost estimates
  • Meet with the public
  • Issue Final Study Report
  • Present the results of this work and identify a preferred alternative at a public meeting


The Purpose and Need Statement for the project was developed in the initial 2002 Final Report of the Shelburne Road Rotary Redesign Project.

The purpose of this project is to improve the junction of Shelburne Road (Route 7) and South Willard Road at the southern entrance to the City of Burlington, Vermont, for automobiles and pedestrians alike.

The need for this project is evidenced by the traffic back-ups that occur during peak commuting hours due to increased local traffic and commuters from adjacent towns; increase in traffic speeds; and the difficulty in crossing the roadway by pedestrians.

Since completion of the 2002 report, VTrans has identified the rotary as a high crash location. This required the purpose and need statement elevate the importance of addressing the specific deficiencies that caused this location to be designated a high crash location.