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Department of Public Works

Old North End Greenway

What is the Old North End Neighborhood Greenway?

The Old North End  Neighborhood Greenway connects Sherman Street with Mansfield Avenue, wiggling its way across the Old North End. The route through the Old North End was prioritized because it has many low volume street that provide an alternative to bicycling along main arterials in the downtown, as well as providing greater connectivity between the waterfront and the Old North End.


The Old North End Neighborhood Greenway was installed as a quick-build project, using paint and adjustable materials to swiftly test street safety in real time.  


The basic elements of the Old North End Neighborhood Greenway include wayfinding signs and green-backed sharrows to guide people along the route. Traffic calming elements build on the basics to encourage people driving to maintain the slow speeds that are appropriate for quiet, residential streets:

  • Curb extensions throughout the route create gateways into the neighborhoods and traffic calming
  • Planters with flowers add to the "greening" effect and serve as a placeholder for future stormwater improvements
  • Neckdowns along the street will maintain slow driving once people enter the neighborhood
  • Materials will include paint, low flexible bollards, and large planters, all of which are adjustable materials

How long will the project be in place?


Quick-Build Projects are interim-design, meaning they are intended to stay in place for up to five years. If the project is a success, it will remain until capital dollars can make it more permanent (typically 1-5 years). 


UPDATE JUNE 2022: After conversations with the community in 2019 and 2020, the quick-build traffic calming locations will remain in their current locations and will begin to be constructed with curb and stormwater treatments in 2023. A summary of the survey approach and results is available here. DPW is working with a consultant to develop plans to convert all quick-build curb extensions to permanent. This work may span multiple years, due to the number of curb extensions that need to be converted.


At any point during the project, you can share your feedback, comments, concerns or questions by emailing dpwplanning@burlingtonvt.gov or calling 802-863-9094 x3.


Images of pop-up curb extension at Peru St and North Champlain St.