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Department of Public Works

Potential Purchase of Flynn Ave Parcel

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CSWD purchased the 195-201 Flynn Ave property (3 acre parcel behind MetalWorks) in 2001 as a potential Drop-Off Center (DOC) location that could safely accommodate drive-in traffic and a range of materials the City-owned location at 339 Pine Street could not. CSWD requires municipalities to own the parcel that a Drop-Off Center is located upon and requested that the City purchase the Flynn Ave. property as a step towards realizing a modern, safe DOC. 
CSWD and the City have been working toward a Lease Purchase Agreement for the Flynn Ave. location since 2016 when the 20-year lease for 339 Pine St. expired. If the City does not purchase the 195-201 Flynn Ave property, CSWD is expected to sell the parcel on the open market which will reduce City control of what is developed at this location and when. Part of 339 Pine may also be needed to accommodate a key part of the Railyard Enterprise Project, which will alleviate congestion on the Pine St corridor. 
We look forward to speaking with you about this project. See below for upcoming and past public engagement on the project, as well as our memo to City Council which lays out more information. We anticipate the City Council providing direction and a decisoin at the 10-25-21 meeting.

Public Engagement


10-21-21: NPA Ward 5 Presentation - information only

10-25-21: Burlington City Council - decision anticipated


10-12-21: Public Meeting at 645 Pine St

9-28-21: Transportation, Energy, Utilities Committee (TEUC)

Questions or Feedback:


Lee Perry
    Assistant Director, Maintenance Division
    LPerry@burlingtonvt.gov, 802-863-9094   

One-on-one interpretation is available to ask us questions, share concerns and offer feedback.