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Help the City keep its storm drain tops free of leaves, debris and ice!  Join our Adopt-a Drain program and become a Drain Defender!


                                          Click on the logo above to go to our Adopt-a-Drain signup and adoption map.

Leaves and debris from the roadway can clog the tops of storm drains, causing flooding to occur during storm events.  As we all know, ice can be a problem too in our harsh winters.  While our street maintenance crews do their best to clean off the tops of storm drains, with over 3,000 storm drains in the City, we really need your help to keep these drains and gutter lines clear, especially during the fall season with leaf fall and winter with ice build up.  We also need your help notifying us if a drain is not working despite its top being clear, as that may be an indication of something gone wrong below the road surface that we need to attend to!

Please click on the logo above to visit our ADOPT A DRAIN website where you can sign up to become a Drain Defender after proving your email (and cell phone if you wish) contact information, reviewing our safety guidelines and agreeing to our liability waiver.

Then you can zoom into your neighborhood and click on the drains that you wish to adopt.  When you adopt a drain you get to name your drain (please be appropriate).  If you send us your address we will send you an adopt a drain mini-euro sticker as a thank you!

Speaking from personal experience, cleaning off a storm drain and then watching the flood waters recede is one of the most satisfying parts of my job! -Stormwater Maven-

Questions?  Please contact Greg Johnson at or 863-4501