Code Enforcement

Project Changes

Projects may change during the construction phase when unforeseen issues arise, or when fiscal concerns limit or reduce the project.

Any changes from the approved zoning plans and elevations (regardless of whether they have been required by a City Inspector) will require:

  • An amendment to the original permit, or
  • A new zoning permit that will "Supersede" the original, or
  • In the case of minor changes, Zoning Administrator approval of an "As-Built Plan".

It is advantageous to contact the Department of Permittting & Inspections as soon as possible to determine how project changes will be processed. Processing changes either through a new or amended permit is part of the Zoning Review Process and includes the State-mandated Appeal Period. These take time which can delay closing for a real estate sale. The Supreme Court's Bianchi Decision established that violations of City permits constitute a cloud on the title for a property, so please plan ahead. A project that was not built as specified by the zoning permit is in violation of that permit.