Code Enforcement

Requesting a Unified Certificate of Occupancy

To request a Zoning Certificate of Occupancy (CO), please use our online system.  This process applies only to zoning permits issued before July 1, 2020.  There is no need to seperately request a CO for more recent zoning permits.

Timing: Zoning permits allow one year to start construction and two more to complete (for a total of three years).  The building permit also has a time period of three years. See Permit Expiration for more info. You must request a Zoning Certificate of Occupancy BEFORE the permit expires. If the request is made after the permit has expired, an additional fee called the After-The-Fact CO fee will be applied, so don't be late!

In situations where a project was not built in conformance with zoning site plans, elections, and/or zoning conditions of approval, a Temporary Zoning Certificate of Occupancy may be requested. This will then allow the project to be legally occupied or used of a limited amount of time such as 180 days. This allows time for compliance issues to be addressed while the project is put into use. If the Temporary Zoning Certificate of Occupancy expires and compliance issues have not been addressed, the project is deemed in violation of City regulations and can be subject to prosecution in the legal system.

Be advised that a valid Temporary Zoning Certificate of Occupancy represents a cloud on the property title. A buyer of the property is subject to the conditions of the Temporary Zoning Certificate of Occupancy, and assumes liability for any subsequent issue upon expiration.

Temporary Certificates of Occupancy for construction permits are not issued because compliance with health and safety codes can not be temporarily suspended.