Code Enforcement

Yard Parking

Parking on lawns, yards, walkways, greenbelts and right-of-ways is prohibited by City Ordinance Sec. 20-62, 20-156 and other regulations.*

(*Parking allowed on yards during declared parking ban.)

Why enforcement of the lawn parking ban is important:
Preserving outside green space like lawns, sidewalk "green belts" and tree and planting areas is important because they beautify our neighborhoods, muffle noise, clean the air, give oxygen, slow down storm water and make a healthy environment for all of us. Erosion of green space has been shown to increase run-off of toxic products. This "non-point source pollution" has been cited by the EPA as a major contributor to pollution of lakes and waterways. Preservation of grassy areas helps to keep Lake Champlain clean and healthy. Please do your part for the Lake!

Please help preserve Burlington’s green and open spaces!

Vehicles in Violation are Subject to Towing and Fines Apply.

Please phone our office at (802)863-0442 if you have questions or need assistance - we are here to help. We appreciate your cooperation.