Board Of Health

Board of Health

About the Board of Health

Burlington’s City Council appoints a five member, citizen advisory group known as the Burlington Board of Health. Each member may serve unlimited, three-year terms at the discretion of the Council. A chairman of the board is elected at the discretion of its members.

The Board of Health coordinates foremost with the Code and Housing Division of the Permitting & Inspections Department, and then with other city and state offices and programs. The Board of Health reviews and approves all health order requests by the Health Officers and hears and decides the first level of appeal on such orders. The Board of Health may recommend health-related rules and regulations, ordinances and policies. The Board of Health cooperates with local and state organizations to provide public discussion and education. And finally, the Board of Health considers for recommendation to the Vermont Department of Health all applicants for city Health Officers.

The Board of Health has limited statutory responsibility for the “prevention, removal or destruction of public health hazards and the mitigation of public health risks.” The Board of Health receives its authority from Vermont statute, Title 18, as well as from several sections of the Burlington City Charter.

The mission of the Board of Health is to educate the citizens of Burlington and to promote, improve and protect their health and well-being while contributing toward building a healthy community and environment in which to live.

Members of the Board of Health