Code Enforcement

Solid Waste

Know the law: It is unlawful to deposit, leave, permit or allow solid waste to accumulate in front yard or right-of-way locations except when NEATLY STORED in covered containers for brief periods (the day of pickup) for removal by an authorized hauler. Bulk solid waste items such as furniture, rugs, appliances, refuse piles, and similar articles, not neatly stored in covered containers are not permitted in front yard or right of way areas at any time. Solid waste includes garbage, trash, rubbish, recyclables, litter and similar materials.

In addition to tickets and fines, owners may be held responsible for additional pick-up charges if City workers remove garbage, trash, rubbish, furniture, accumulations, uncontained recyclables, litter or other materials from your property.

Check your property: Have a designated person personally check your property daily for solid waste accumulations. We recommend that an agreement be made with one or more occupants for the responsibility to monitor the premises for solid waste accumulations at any time.

Security deposits and informing tenants and occupants: We specifically recommend copying this notice to tenants and occupants, informing them of regulations and arrangements, and post this notice in a conspicuous place on the subject premises. Put solid waste and moving-out arrangements in your lease or rental agreement so everyone is clear about solid waste responsibilities. Check with this Office before returning security deposits if you believe there may be fines or costs assessed for solid waste violations at your property.

Make arrangements now: You are advised to make arrangements well in advance with your waste hauler for special pickups for unusually large waste accumulations and likely accumulations of other household items, bulk items, etc. during peak move-out times

Garbage removed first: Keep garbage waste clearly separated from other waste and confirm that it is picked up first before other waste.

Waste storage: Properties must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. Owners are responsible for collection of all trash on not less than a weekly basis. Make sure trash containers are properly sized to accommodate waste storage. In the event of delayed pickup, keep waste out of the front yard, store it neatly at least 20 feet from occupied structures and protect with a tarp or equivalent covering.

Call for more information: For applicable regulations and special services available for recycling, bulk items pickup, hazardous materials, etc. please phone our office at 863-0442 or 863-9094 if you have questions or need assistance - we are here to help. We appreciate your cooperation!

Please phone our office at (802)863-0442 if you have questions or need assistance - we are here to help. We appreciate your cooperation.