New Moran

Room 9 Development and the Charlie Tipper Co.
Proposal Score: 81.0

New Moran Part 1
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Public Comments

How will people get to all this activity?

This project, the new Sailing Center and the Burlington Harbor Marina are the most transformative - and long overdue - initiatives on the waterfront. Together, they have extensive community AND economic value for Burlington. The other proposals are valuable, but weight should be given to these essential projects so the northern waterfront can begin to realize it's potential. Impressive work.

We need to transform the waterfront by extending what is wonderful about VT and Church St. down to the lake. Bring on this project! So innovative.

Do we really want to make the $2 million TIF commitment because it really means the City is making a $20 million commitment?

Yes! Everything great that the "City of Burlington" stands for in one building!

Please Please Please do this! Most well thought out, most transformative, most accessible to the whole community!

This idea takes advantage of all kinds of community resources and organizations. It is in tune with Burlington culture and will be a great showcase of our community as well for visitors. Unlike the marina idea, it is for the people, by the people, and will not compromise our community culture for the sake of tourism growth and demand statistics. It looks great!

Waterfront events are already a significant economic driver for Burlington, what a great use of the Moran plant. The arts component would also offer *free* year round entertainment for families, making it a great addition to ECHO's program.

Nice idea but the financials of the project are not online; without them it's hard to know how this will be pulled off.

While the other proposals ignore Moran or work around it, this proposal uses it as its centerpiece. I'm trying to envision what type of events would use the great hall but otherwise it seems a good community addition.

Since this is the only proposal for the Moran itself, I feel I must support it. I would prefer something that has a direct tie to the location and the lake. Every tenant should be required to meet the full definition of the existing public trust doctrine with no fudging of the definitions.

#1 Could be a permanent economic/cultural '"primordial 'pool' - for new and renewables - a good example of 'out of the ashes' - a New Moran has risen - a Burlington 'thing'.