CEDO Staff Directory

General Staff

Sidney Durmick and Thomas Knoblich, CEDO Office Assistant/Front Desk
802-865-7144, cedofd@burlingtonvt.gov

Kirsten Pigford, CEDO, Financial and Administrative Assistant
802-865-7176, kpigford@burlingtonvt.go

Darlene Kehoe, CEDO/Clerk's & Treasurer's Office, Finance Manager 
802-865-7175, dkehoe@burlingtonvt.gov

David E. White, FAICP, Interim Director
802-865-7194, dewhite@burlingtonvt.gov

CHOP - Community, Housing & Opportunity Programs 

Beth Awhaitey, CHOP, Lead Program Outreach Specialist
802-865-5323, bawaitey@burlingtonvt.gov

Marcella Gange, CHOP, Community Development Specialist II - AmeriCorps; Inclusion Training Program Coordinator
802-865-7178, mgange@burlingtonvt.gov

Phet Keomanyvanh, CHOP, Community Development Specialist for Public Engagement
802-865-7172, pkeomanyvanh@burlingtonvt.gov

Noah Miller, CHOP, Community Development Specialist
802-865-6421, nmiller@burlingtonvt.gov

Todd Rawlings, CHOP, Housing Program Manager
802-652-4209, trawlings@burlingtonvt.gov

Rebecca Reese, CHOP, Lead Program Specialist II
802- 865-7533, rreese@burlingtonvt.gov

Valerie Russell, CHOP, Community Development Specialist, Grants
802-865-7232, vrussell@burlingtonvt.gov

Margaret Williams, CHOP, Lead Program Specialist I
802-846-0149, mwilliams@burlingtonvt.gov

SHED - Sustainability, Housing & Economic Development 

Will Clavelle, SHED, Projects and Policy Specialist II, Business Development  
802-865-7187, wclavelle@burlingtonvt.gov

Jesse Freedman, SHED, Projects and Policy Specialist II, Development  
802-540-1035, jfreedman@burlingtonvt.gov

Ian Jakus, SHED, Projects and Policy Specialist II, Housing
802-734-2612, ijakus@burlingtonvt.gov

Kirsten Merriman-Shapiro, SHED, Senior Projects and Policy Specialist
802-865-7284, kmerriman@burlingtonvt.gov

Gillian Nanton, SHED, Assistant Director, Sustainability, Housing and Economic Development
802-865-7179, gnanton@burlingtonvt.gov

CJC - Community Justice Center

Kelly Ahrens, CJC, Restorative Justice Liason
802-865-7169, kahrens@burlingtonvt.gov

Rachel Jolly , CJC, Assistant Director, Community Justice Center
802-865-7185, rjolly@burlingtonvt.gov

Maghon Luman, CJC, Offender Reentry Resource & Employment Assistant
802-865-7155, mluman@burlingtonvt.gov

Stuart Recicar, CJC, Offender Reentry Program Specialist
802- 598-4392, srecicar@burlingtonvt.gov

Barbara Shaw-Dorso, CJC, Restorative Justice Victim Liaison Coordinator
802-264-0765, bshawdorso@burlingtonvt.gov

Kim Jordan, CJC, Parallel Justice Specialist
802-264-0764, kjordan@burlingtonvt.gov

Anthony Jackson-Miller, CJC, Parallel Justice Specialist (Burlington Police Dept.)
802-540-2394, ajacksonmiller@bpdvt.org