Memorial Auditorium & the Gateway Block

Latest News:  The City Council is scheduled to hold a meeting on March 11, 2024 for the Memorial Block Pre-Development Agreement.
The DRAFT Pre-Development Agreement (last revised 02/28/2024) and Memo to Council for the March 11, 2024 meeting can be accessed in the Documents Library and in the direct links below.
The Council's meeting agendas are available here.
Materials from the February 26, 2024 work session presentation of the Draft Pre-Development Agreement are available in the Documents Library.

Memorial Auditorium was a public auditorium and civic center in the heart of downtown Burlington built in 1927 to honor World War I veterans. It was closed in 2016 due to structural safety concerns as a result of many decades of deferred maintenance. Memorial Auditorium sits on the southeast corner of what is known by many as the "Gateway Block" as it serves as the entrance to the City's Designated Downtown for those travelling west on Main Street.

The City has long envisioned redevelopment of this block in previous plans and studies.  This would include the redevelopment, or repurposing, of Memorial Auditorium, and possibly the fire station, along with the transformation of the City's parking lot and the private lots mid-block into a series of mixed-use buildings as articulated in planBTV: Downtown & Waterfront.

The City is currently exploring the feasibility of a public/private partnership that would lead to the redevelopment of the marjority of this block in the Downtown.  To see the latest presentation to City Council, please visit the Document Library.

More information about the History, Prior Redevelopment Studies and other related Documents can be accessed below.


History of Memorial Auditorium

Prior Redevelopment Studies

Documents Library


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