Memorial Auditorium

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Memorial Auditorium was a  public auditorium and civic center in the heart of downtown Burlington built in 1927 to honor World War I veterans. It was closed in 2016 due to structural safety concerns and is currently being considered for renovation through adaptive re-use planning.


2018 Renewal Process

Physical Condition & Required Repairs


History of Memorial Auditorium

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Prior Redevelopment Studies

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Memorial Auditorium Presentation and Final Report


The City created an adaptive reuse plan for Memorial Auditorium to remain a publicly owned, public assembly space, based on input from stakeholders and the public. Stakeholder and community input were collected through community workshops, public tours, interviews, and a city-wide survey culminating in Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc.'s Final Report of Adaptive Reuse Plans (Historical Renovations & Additions) for Memorial Auditorium, which was presented in Burlington City Hall on December 6th, 2018. To create this adaptive re-use plan, we engaged consultants in the creation of conceptual designs, construction pricing, and financing options. Bargmann Hendrie created conceptual designs, Dedalus came up with construction pricing, and Jeff Glassberg created the financing options.


The Memorial PACC (Parks, Arts, and Culture Committee) Presentation (held on 12.6.2018) explains the community and stakeholder input collection and public approval process, the Memorial Auditorium floor and usage plans, the project and cost reports, and four realistic concept proposals the City has to choose from.