All Legal Resident Voting

All Legal Resident Voting

All Legal Resident voting will be on the Burlington March 7th 2023 ballot and if approved, all Legal Residents will be eligible to vote in future municipal and school board elections if they register. 

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Why is the City Considering All Legal Resident Voting?

Engaging all Legal Resident voters in the democratic process is a pillar of the U.S. Constitution and bolsters the nation’s strong sense of civic engagement.  Legal Residents are full-time residents of Burlington who do not have full U.S. citizenship but who live, work, pay taxes, parent, go to school, and are members of our community. These community members are impacted by local policy decisions in the same way that residents who are full U.S. citizens are. Extending voting rights to these populations is a critical way for all Burlington residents to participate in our local democracy and influence policy outcomes.


Who Would be Affected by This?

According to the 2020 American Community Survey 5-year data, 5.5% of the City of Burlington’s population are not U.S. Citizens. Additionally, 5.1% of the City’s population has been through the naturalization process. All Legal Resident voting could impact thousands of community members in Burlington!

Data Source: American Community Survey, 2020


For Legal Residents:

If Burlington voters approve this ballot measure, people 18 years of age or older on the day of the election who are legally in the United States, live in Burlington and intend to make this their home would become eligible to register to vote. 

What Are Examples of Legal Residents?

Examples of Legal Residents include, but are not limited to:

  • Green cardholders
  • Residents with eligible work permits
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

What Elections Could I Vote In?

Legal Residents would be able to vote in elections relating to: 

  • Mayor
  • City Councilors
  • School Board members
  • City election officers
  • Ballot items pertaining to the City of Burlington

Legal Residents will be able to run for office, once they have registered to vote. 

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Public Engagement:

Comprehensive public engagement is underway to inform Burlingtonians about All Legal Resident voting. Please check back for updates and additional information.

Scheduled Meetings Date
Trusted Community Voices 8/23/2022
Ward 6 NPA 9/1/2022
Ward 1 NPA 9/14/2022
Ward 5 NPA 9/15/2022
Ward 4/7 NPA 9/28/2022
Ward 2/3 NPA 10/13/2022
Ward 8 NPA 2/23/2023
Old North End Community Meeting 2/7/2023




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* Interpretive services will be available at community meetings.


Explore a brief history of All Legal Residents voting in Burlington, Winooski, and Montpelier. Burlington is home to Legal Residents from all over the world.