CEDO Strategic Plan 2019



Engaging with our community to build an equitable, healthy, safe, and vibrant city with opportunities for all



Our values inform all our policies and practices, both internally and out in the community. We strive to incorporate these ideas into the work we do with one another, our partners, and the people we serve



Public Service  

We are professionals who serve the people of Burlington and respond to needs in our community. We utilize our technical skills, depth of experience, and professional judgment to facilitate informed decision-making and advance the public interest


We improve quality of life in Burlington by connecting people and neighborhoods with one another, our community partners, and city government                        


We ensure that all community members have the opportunity to participate in City initiatives


We treat all people with kindness and consideration, and approach our interactions with empathy and thoughtfulness


We foster opportunities for all citizens to prosper and thrive by supporting housing, entrepreneurship, education, and job growth


We embrace a culture of innovation and creativity, and we develop new solutions to meet the future needs of our community


We bring a comprehensive, long-view, big-picture outlook to our consideration of complex problems and creative solutions




Our vision is to make Burlington the most livable, just, and connected community in America by empowering individual voices in the life of our city, fostering healthy neighborhoods and housing choice, and advancing people-centered development.









Quality affordable housing is fundamental to the well-being of all residents. The city and region's economic strength is closely linked to a diversity of housing types and income ranges.

We advance leading-edge housing initiatives to expand housing choice and create a range of safe, affordable, and equitable options. 

Boost the Housing Trust Fund to strengthen low- and middle-income housing efforts

Align competitive grant-making in CDBG, HOME, and Home Rehab to support strategic direction               

Seek alternative investment for housing efforts, including employer-assisted housing, place-based investment, and Opportunity Zones

Create a program to slow and/or reverse the conversion of single family homes in near-campus neighborhoods 

Promote policy changes to build additional student housing on or near campuses

Spark construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) through the reduction of regulatory barriers

Implement inclusionary zoning (IZ) reforms

Reinvigorate housing retention and home sharing efforts for seniors, formerly homeless, and other vulnerable populations

Lead establishments of a one-stop-shop for housing assistance

Direct local partnership to increase number of healthy, lead-safe, and energy efficient homes

Continue strong support of Continuum of Care initiatives for permanent supportive housing to combat homelessness








For Burlington to become a truly dynamic and inclusive community, we must have a thriving local economy. Work and education are critical pathways out of poverty.

We foster economic growth and create opportunity for all through locally focused, equity-driven policies and initiatives.

Update Jobs & People report

Map city's economic network to create dataset to inform investment and analyze service gaps for existing businesses

Develop comprehensive economic development strategy in partnership with local organizations

Support digital economy and smart manufacturing activities with local companies

Engage employers and community partners to expand job training and education programs to close the opportunity gap 

Grow resources for small, locally-owned, and cooperative enterprises, as well as capacity for business support and expansion/relocation

Create a public-private business coalition for New American start-up ventures

Cultivate innovative youth-led youth policy and programming to grow next generation of leaders: My Brother's Keeper, AmeriCorps, City internships, cross-departmental coordination of youth programs

Lead establishments of Burlington as a Restorative City for Youth 

Support ongoing development of Early Learning Initiative

Explore entrepreneurial growth and public-private partnership (P3) projects in conjunction with local anchor institutions








Community planning is the foundation for smart development and a tool for reducing inequality, promoting inclusion, and supporting environmental sustainability. It is an engine for responsible community growth and equitable economic progress.

We lead comprehensive community planning and placemaking efforts central to Burlington's future vitality, including coordinated interagency action on key City initiatives.  

Facilitate completion of planBTV update for a distinctive, dynamic, inclusive, and connected city

Explore creation of South End Innovation District

Develop realistic, sustainable plans for the adaptive reuse of Memorial and redevelopment of Moran

Commence planning for redevelopment of central waterfront in conjunction with revision to the harbor management plan

Begin planning for Cherry Street - Waterfront connection

Complete conceptual redesign of Main Street

Support downtown core with establishment of Community Improvement District and promoting tax credit opportunities

Pilot placemaking and urban design innovations: parklets; outdoor dining terraces; bike-walk options

Regularly review opportunities to remove housing development barriers, e.g., IZ & ADU reforms, on-the-record review

Restructure on-site parking policy and develop innovative and accessible transportation alternatives








Robust community engagement provides an opportunity to transform Burlington by identifying and addressing challenges in a collaborative manner. Empowered and well-trained employees are critical to this effort.

We strive to be a center of excellence and recognized national leader for exceptional community engagement to create a more equitable and just community.

Embed a comprehensive, citywide civic engagement strategy into all departmental initiatives

Lead effort to educate City Departments, City Council, and other community partners on restorative practices, equity & inclusion, and civic engagement

Strengthen restorative practice efforts county-wide, including: State's Attorney referrals, RICC, and Diversion; victim services, Parallel Justice and Neighborhood Peacemaking; Burlington School District implementation; and re-entry collaboration between Chittenden CJCs

Seek partnerships with organizations and businesses to operationalize justice and social equity in the community 

Bolster training for staff and volunteers to focus on equity, inclusion, and ethics, and recruit and retain staff and volunteers that are reflective of Burlington community

Expand professional development opportunities for staff

Establish a collaborative, agile work model both internally and with partner organizations

Enhance digital presence for all programs using modern tools and technologies