The Moran Plant, built in 1953, is a historical coal-fired power plant known for its architecture and innovation. It is currently a derelict structure located on Burlington's waterfront in the heart of downtown.

2019 Base Plan

Site Data

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On February 19, 2019, Burlington's City Council unanimously approved advancing the Moran- FRAME project with a budget of $5.649 M to meet the TIF bonding deadline of December 31, 2019. The resolutions can be viewed here: 

Resolution for Moran Frame Project - Issuance of Waterfront TIF Bonds Adopted 2/19/19

Resolution Authorization to Proceed with Moran FRAME Project Adopted 2/19/19


This plan delivers significantly greater value than demolition for roughly the same cost of full demolition

The FRAME concept does the following:

  • Demolishes a portion of the existing building
  • Activates and stabilizes a derelict site
  • Improves public access to the waterfront
  • Creates a seasonal boardwalk/path integrating closely with other waterfront facilities
  • Retains the character of an important historic building 
  • Creates an amazing public gathering space on the waterfront
  • Stabilizes the site and creates a platform for possible future phases, such as elevated viewing decks, a winter ice rink, summer stage, large children's playground, etc.