Prior Redevelopment Studies

The opportunity for renewal of Memorial Auditorium so that is can thrive and serve as a center of community activity and a driver of economic activity has engaged the imagination of city residents, municipal officials and community leaders for many years. Examples of some of the more formal efforts to imagine a new future for Memorial Auditorium are presented below. We will learn from and build on these prior efforts as we complete our current work. 


See references to Memorial Auditorium and Burlington's vision for land use and development in the City in planBTV and planBTV Downtown & Waterfront


Prior Redevelopment Studies

This high-level study looked at the programming needs of Burlington City Arts, and assessed how two city-owned properties (Memorial Auditorium and the former Public Works Garage at 339 Pine Street) might be configured to address those needs

This 2002 study is most pertinent to this current effort. It includes conceptual designs and cost estimates to significantly enhance the ability of Memorial Auditorium to function as a modern, efficient performance and public assembly space by building an addition to the north to house a loading dock and elevator tower

Completed as one of a series of neighborhood-based design studies organized by CEDO, this report summarizes the conclusions and potential opportunities identified for Memorial Auditorium during this focused community workshop

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