Final Proposals

Over the summer and early fall, 29 finalists responded to a Request For Proposals issued by the City, with final proposals due October 17, 2013. The City received 9 final proposals - five from private entities and four from the public sector - many of which were proposals submitted by several of the 29 finalists combining together. Mayor Miro Weinberger recommended five of the following waterfront projects to City Council to place on the March ballot, the culmination of the year-long Public Investment Action Plan (PIAP).  To view the Press Release and Mayor's Letter to Council explaining his recommendations, click here.

Projects that Advanced

Burlington Harbor Marina - PROPOSAL SCORE: 79
Burlington Harbor Marina, LLC

Community Sailing Center - PROPOSAL SCORE: 77.8
Community Sailing Center

New Moran - PROPOSAL SCORE: 81.0
Room 9 Development and the Charlie Tipper Co.

Sustainability Park - PROPOSAL SCORE: 66.2
ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Waterfront Park Upgrades - PROPOSAL SCORE: 74.8
Department of Parks & Recreation


Projects that did Not Advance

Burlington Community Aquatics Center - PROPOSAL SCORE: 60.3
Aquatics in Motion Development Group, LLC

Cherry Street Promenade - PROPOSAL SCORE: 74.6
Department of Public Works

Marina Services Expansion & Improvements - PROPOSAL SCORE: 78.8
Department of Parks & Recreation

Urban Reserve Interim Management Improvements - PROPOSAL SCORE: 69.8
Department of Parks & Recreation