Community Sailing Center

Community Sailing Center
Proposal Score: 77.8

Community Sailing Center Proposal
Comunity Sailing Center Design Documents

Public Comments
Great project, long-overdue - ugly building. I hope the design can be addressed to offer a more timeless structure as this will certainly be a visual landmark on the waterfront.


The Sailing Center is a true community organization that has given so much in less than perfect quarters. They definitely need to be part of the plans for our new waterfront.

This proposal should move forward with as much support as possible. Time to finally give the CSC the home they deserve!

The sailing center allows access to the lake for everyone. They make it affordable and accessible to enjoy our beautiful lake. The special boats and programs they have make it possible for everyone to sail.

I appreciate the work the sailing center does to make access to the lake affordable to all. Although I am not thrilled with the glass box look of the building, I would support their efforts.

In my heart I feel the sailing center has earned the right to have some kind of presence in the future Moran plant environment.