Cherry Street Promenade

Department of Public Works
Proposal Score: 74.6

Cherry Street Promenade Proposal
Cherry Street Promenade Design Documents

Public Comments

On behalf of all the Cathedral Square Senior Living residents who reside at 3 Cathedral Square on the west end of Cherry Street, we welcome the proposed upgrades. It states in the proposal that the Promenade is “centered on pedestrians’ priority.” We have over 110 residents here with the majority heavily reliant on transportation from buses, taxis and bicycles with many more walking or using their wheelchairs. We look forward to changes on the street that will enhance safety, convenience and efficiency . Improvements to the sidewalks, crosswalks, street lighting and overall aesthetics of Cherry Street will be a benefit to businesses and tourists but also to the people who live here.

Much needed, but is TIF required? True waterfront projects should be considered first, and Mall redevelopment, Hotel VT & Marriot should encourage this work through traditional municipal financing.

I agree. A great use of TIF dollars. A great working group. Should be fully funded.

Great use of TIF dollars, and a much needed project backed by many stakeholders. Go for it.

This seems like a good use of public funds to improve a less than pretty area as well as improve the water going into the lake.

Isn't this typical, sop, for streets/sidewalks?