City Planning

Implementing planBTV

Our plans are only as good as our willingness and ability to implement them. Here in Burlington we take implementation very seriously, and work hard to ensure that the plans we make include detailed and strategic direction as to how we are actualy going to make our future vision a reality. This allows us to measure our progress and refine what we are doing as necessary. Implementing the plans we create typically involves regulatory and non-regulatory activities and are the responsibility of all parts of City government. Key activities that our department leads and supports in order to implement planBTV include:

  • District, area, or topical plans that provide a greater level of detail, analysis, and strategy
  • Amendments to the Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance (a.ka. the Zoning Ordinance) that guide development decisions and investments
  • Capital Planning and project development that guides public investments in infrastructure and facilities
  • Other special projects, policy development, and support for city programs

Explore the ways we're implementing planBTV

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