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Projects in the Works

What happens when a plan is adopted? How do planning efforts actually get implemented on the ground? In short: it requires the collaborative efforts of all parts of city government.

The Office of City Planning is involved in a wide range of projects that support the implementation of planBTV. The department leads many of the initiatives that involve the creation of new land use policies, additional detailed studies and analyses, and amendments to the City's development regulations. Our team also supports and collaborates with many other City departments to ensure that planBTV's vision gets incorporated in public infrastructure designs, capital plans, department programs, and more. Learn more about the relationships between current projects and the City's adopted plans, and explore more about individual projects below. For examples of past work that connects directly with the recommendations in planBTV: Downtown & Waterfront, check out this list of initiatives. 

Major Zoning Ordinance Revisions

As part of Mayor Weinberger's 2021 10-Point Housing Plan, several major zoning amendments identified in the City's adopted plans were prioritized in support of the goal to double the rate of housing production in the City. These include:

  • Creation of a mixed-use Innovation District in a portion of the South End: a key strategy of planBTV: South End, this effort includes making changes to the current Enterprise-Light Manufacturing district to support a hub of entrepreneurial activity. Additionally, this effort will explore the issue of allowing housing in a portion of the South End, which was an issue discussed at length during the planBTV: South End public process. 
  • Rezoning UVM's Trinity Campus: The City's Comprehensive Plan identifies areas where we expect to see the most change over time because they are the most suitable to accommodate future growth. Trinity Campus along the Colchester Avenue corridor was identified as one such area in order to provide additional housing opportunities on UVM's campus. 
  • Burlington Neighborhood Code: This effort will evaluate opportunities for new homes to be created in every neighborhood, in ways that reflect the character of these parts of the city. 


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