City Planning

Staff Directory

Meagan Tuttle, AICP


Meagan is reponsible for the overall leadership and management of the Office of City Planning, and serves as a technical and policy resource for city departments, the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission and other appointed boards. Meagan also serves as the City's COVID-19 Response Leader. 

Contact Meagan   or   802-865-7193

Charles Dillard, AICP

Principal Planner

Charles leads the department's long range planning and policy team. He oversees the development of planBTV and other citywide land use policies, collaborates with City departments on other planning studies and efforts to implement plan goals, and is the lead staff to the Burlington Planning Commission. 

Contact Charles   or   802-865-7194

Nancy Stetson

Senior Policy & Data Analyst

Nancy leads the data and policy analysis team. She manages the BTVstat performance evaluation program, oversees the City’s Open Data Portal, and regularly works with departments to evaluate and identify patterns within City data that lead to progress on high priority goals. She has also been an integral part of the City’s COVID-19 Analytic Team.

Contact Nancy   or   802-735-8435

Jonathan Larson, Ph.D.

City Data Analyst

Jonathan (Jonno) is an integral part of the data team, collecting, analyzing and visualizing data to help identify best practices and support changes to City operations. A major focus of his work is tracking data related to police activity. He also supports the Open Data program, other departments' data projects, and is part of the City's COVID-19 Analytic Team. 

Contact Jonathan   or   802-735-8460

Sarah Morgan


Sarah is an integral part of the department's long range planning team. She contributes to a wide range of planning projects and land use policy development, conducts spatial analyses and supports the department's use of GIS-based applications, and develops communications and engagement tools for department projects. 

Contact Sarah   or   802-881-8505