Assessor&Rsquo;S Office

Committee Charge

The ad hoc Reappraisal Committee is mandated by Resolution 6.05, adopted 11/8/2021 and signed 11/15/2021, the resolution relating to “The fairness of the reappraisal process and the property tax system (revised)”.  Its structure and charge, per the resolution is

to formally gather public testimony about the recently conducted reappraisal, including appeals, and potential changes to the current process, in consultation with the City Assessor and with staff support provided by the office of the City Attorney; and that the committee be comprised of not more than nine members, to include a resident from each of City's four districts, at least two homeowners, two renters, a commercial property owner, one person with experience on the Board of Tax Appeals, one person with experience on the Board of Assessors, and one City Councilor; and that the ad-hoc committee work with the City Attorney to provide a report to the City Council by the body's last meeting in June 2022 which includes:

  • Identification of timelines and practices during the assessment process that are impediments to citizen participation and fair valuations, and recommendations around those;
  • Review of the appeals process and recommendations;
  • Develop a best practice around education and participation of citizens in the assessment process and how their properties are valued. Provide recommendations on how that support will be offered; Develop recommendations for the frequency of citywide reappraisals including; funding, criteria for selection of consultants, and consideration of a rolling appraisal process; Review capacity of the Assessor's Office, including staffing and IT needs. Opinions on which of the recommended changes are consistent with the authority already vested in the City Council and which require a charter change;”