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Board of Assessors

Thank you for taking an interest in serving on this commission and serving our community. A description of the Board of Assessors is below. By having Burlington residents on the Board of Assessors (BOA), citizens offer a perspective that helps this office become more open, accessible and fair.


The BOA is comprised of the City Assessor (Chair) and two member residents of Burlington. The main function of the BOA is to attend the annual property valuation appeal hearings. The appeal hearings are an essential function for establishing a fair assessed value. Information provided, from a taxpayer, at the Property Appeal Hearings will assist the Board of Assessors in determining a fair assessed value. The Board has the responsibility to establish fair values for all taxable property. It is not a requirement for you to be an expert in real estate valuation to be on the board. We are looking for Burlington residents with good reasoning skills and a desire to help the community.


The duties of the BOA

  • Make valuation decisions from evidence obtained at the property appeal hearings

  • Listen to testimony from the aggrieved property owner

  • After testimony taken, review information submitted as evidence

  • During review, ask the taxpayer(s) questions, to clarify the evidence submitted, when/if needed

The BOA may visit the property when there is a discrepancy between the taxpayer's information and the assessor's data. If a factual error, e.g., an incorrect lot size, gross living area, finished living area, bathroom count, or outbuilding is found, the city assessor will correct it.

After testimony has been given, the BOA will deliberate about the property under review. Deliberations are conducted in the absence of the taxpayer(s). The appeal hearings are held to gather information from the property owner-assessed value is never determined at the time of the appeal.

Commitment of time

According to  section 87 of the Burlington City Charter, BOA property valuation appeal hearings are held before May 25th of each year. The appeal hearings are typically held for three or four consecutive days around the third week of May. A commitment of additional time is necessary during a reappraisal year. Ask the city assessor about the reappraisal year commitment. Property appeal hearings will be held around the third week of May from May 20 through May 25, during business hours. If the date falls on a weekend, no hearing will be held and our office will determine the need to add additional weekday date(s).

Contact Us

I would like to encourage anyone interested in serving on the BOA to visit the Assessor's Office. We would be happy to give a more detailed explanation of the role of the BOA to anyone interested. Our office can be reached at (802) 865-7114 or by fax at (802) 865-7116. Additional information regarding the City Assessor's office and the property appeal process can be viewed at our web site

Contact the Clerk/Treasurer's Office to obtain an application for the Board of Assessors. The City Clerk/Treasurer's Office phone number is (802) 865-7000