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Property Appeal Procedures

Property Appeal Procedures before the Board of Assessors

The City of Burlington has contracted the services of Tyler Technologies Inc. reappraisal division to conduct a city-wide reappraisal of all properties in Burlington. All properties have been adjusted to an estimated fair market value as of 4/8/2021.


If you are aggrieved by the new valuation and would like to schedule a meeting with an assessor for a property valuation review, please note the following.


Before a meeting has been set up it is required to submit a letter of grievance to the Burlington Assessor’s office. We ask the property owner to file a property appeal through our website or mail a letter expressing your reasons for the grievance. We prefer to receive a grievance application via website grievance application form because it will expidite the hearing.


After submitting your grievance application you must schedule a property valuation hearing by calling Tyler Technologies (Tyler) at 1-877-895-9675 during normal business working hours. A scheduler will assist you in scheduling a 10 to 15 minute hearing, which will be a virtual Zoom meeting.


An online grievance application is at the bottom of the web page located at: This can be filled out and submitted online to the Assessor’s Office for scheduling of an appointment. Alternatively, you can submit a letter of grievance to the Assessor’s Office. The letter should include reasons for the appeal of the property value, owner’s opinion of value, and it should be signed the property owner. The letter should also include; owner of record, a mailing address, email address, phone number, Parcel ID#, and property location.

Upon receiving your online grievance application or letter of grievance our office will contact you for scheduling a hearing date and to request any additional forms or information that may be needed prior to the hearing.

Board of Assessor Property appeal hearings will be held during business hours, from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00  P.M. Hearings will be held in the month of April and into May 2021.  


The property owner must submit a letter of valuation grievance to the Assessors Office by:

Friday, April 30, 2021 at 4:00 PM


In an effort to maintain the health and wellbeing of property owners and city employees we will maintain social distancing during the Assessor property appeal hearings. For this reason all property appeal hearings will be conducted through a video meeting from the computer. If that method is not possible a conference call can be made by phone.


The Board of Assessor hearings with a Tyler appraiser are 15 minute meetings. This is ample time to address your concerns. Please don’t go behind the alotted time out of respect for the next property owner. If more time is needed than an additional hearing time can be scheduled. The meetings are to review the property owner’s points of grievance and review the property data. The appraiser/assessor does not make decisions of property value at the meeting. There is a review period over the next 60 days. The BOA will notify you of their decision the first week of June by mail.   


John Vickery, City Assessor

On behalf of the Board of Assessors