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Department of Public Works

Towing and Storage Rate Table

Towing Rates

The following rates shall be charged to the owner of the vehicles towed due to violation of City Ordinances or paid by the City of Burlington for other towing services.

  • Tow to impound: $75 per tow
  • Tow to move vehicle: $75 per tow
  • Hookup but not towed: $50 per hookup
  • Standby: $75/per hour
  • Additional Personnel $20 per additional person per tow vehicle per tow

Impoundment Storage Rates

These rates apply for vehicles towed to and stored at the impound lot:

  • Upon Impoundment: $20
  • Storage Rate: $30/Day (starting at 12:00AM after impoundment)

Established 4/27/2022