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Department of Public Works

University Place Street Improvements

The University Place project was completed in December 2022. Elements of this project included new and wider sidewalks, decorative street lighting, a pedestrian crossing plaza to emphasize the pedestrian nature of this street, and separated buffered bike lanes in each direction along the street. As part of this project, the street became one way northbound, from Main St. to Pearl St. 






The Campus Master Plan reads, “University Place is pre-eminent amongst the priority projects for the historic and iconic nature of the buildings involved, its visual prominence, and location at the heart of the campus.”  University Place is also identified in UVM’s Active Transportation Plan UVMoves as a signature project recommendation, specifically stating “University Place Conversion into a multi-modal street.” Both UVM and the City are interested in improving safety on the street for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other active transportation users.


Phase One – Concept Design (30%)


The first phase included two (2) 30% conceptual designs and permitting for University Place. Conceptual design will be in accordance with standards adopted by the City of Burlington as well as planning documents adopted by both UVM or the City of Burlington.  This phase of work started in March of 2020 and concluded in December 2020 with an approved concept.



Phase Two – Design and (100%) Construction Documents

The second phase included design development, engineering and construction documents for University Place. This phase of work followed Phase One and took the approved concept and move it through design drawings for bidding in the Fall of 2021.


Phase Three – Construction

The third phase was for construction of the proposed improvements. This occurred in 2022.


Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement:


Ward 1/8 NPA - September 9, 2020 @ 7:00pm

Transportation Energy and Utility Committee - September 22, 2020 @ 5:30pm

UVM Campus Master Planning Comittee - September 24, 2020 -Stake holder only

Concept Presentation - September 30, 2020 @  5:30pm -Meeting Recording Available Here   

Public Works Commission - October 21, 2020 @ 6:30pm

Transportation Energy and Utility Committee - October 27, 2020 @ 5:30pm

City Council - December 14, 2020 - Presentation Here - Meeting Recording Available on Channel 17

Public Works Commission - December 15, 2021 @ 6:30pm

University Place Undergrounding Review Committee - February 9, 2022 @  5:00 pm- Meeting Recording Available Here


The presentation slides to be shown at the public outreach and stakeholder engagement are available below under the Ward1/8 Presentation; additionally the Ward 1/8 meeting was recorded and can be viewed by clicking this link "Ward 1/8 September 9, 2020 Meeting Video" The presentation given by DPW Staff and our Consultants starts at 1hour 43min into the meeting.



Option 1 - Basic Concept 


Option 2 - Enhanced Concept



Direct all questions regarding this project to Phillip Peterson, Associate Public Works Engineer at