Department of Public Works

Mansfield Avenue Sidepath and Traffic Calming Project

The Department of Public Works is developing the design of the Mansfield Avenue Sidepath and Traffic Calming project. The sidepath will replace the existing path on the eastern side of Mansfield Avenue from Colchester Avenue to North Street with a wider asphalt path and markings. The project will also include crossing improvements at major intersections. Traffic calming treatments are also being developed and are in the conceptual phase. The sidepath and traffic calming designs are being progressed simultaneously and will be constructed during the 2022 construction season. 

The City held a Public Meeting for the Mansfield Avenue neighborhood in June 2023, to present the traffic calming design options and solicit neighborhood feedback. Follow the links below to view a recording of this presentation, the PowerPoint presentation, and the traffic calming alternative drawings.

Meeting Recording from 6.23.2021:

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Next Steps:

For Traffic Calming, DPW will be issuing a survey to obtain a better understanding the neighborhood's preferred alternative. Once DPW receives feedback from this survey, DPW will advance the design of the preferred concept through preliminary and final design. The traffic calming construction work will be advertised for construction bids this winter, along with the sidepath construction work. 

A public meeting to present the Sidepath design was hosted in December 2019. Please follow the link below to view the meeting notes, and the final sidepath plans.


Project Manager:

Olivia Darisse, PE