Housing Trust Fund - FY24

The Burlington Housing Trust Fund (BHTF) provides grants and loans for the promotion, retention, and creation of long-term affordable housing for very low, low and moderate-income households. Nonprofit corporations, municipal corporations, limited equity housing cooperatives, for-profit corporations, partnerships, and individuals are eligible to apply for project funding. Capacity grants are also made for the staffing, training, planning, fundraising, and ongoing operations of nonprofit organizations creating or preserving housing for very low, low, and moderate-income households.

Housing Trust Fund Administrative Committee Meetings:

Summary of awards

Draft minutes from 1/12/24 meeting

Agenda for 1/12/24 meeting

Minutes from 12/22/22 meeting

Summary of funding requests

Updated summary of funding requests - 1.12.24

Applications for Funding:

Capacity Funding Requests

Project Funding Requests

Notification Regarding Available Funds:

FY24 Housing Trust Fund Request for Proposals

Application Forms:

FY24 Capacity Grant Application

FY24 Project Award Application

Scoring Criteria:

Housing Trust Fund Application Scoring Criteria - Capacity Grants Rubric

Housing Trust Fund Application Scoring Criteria - Project Grants Rubric